Case Studies

Drawing on our access to privileged networks of decision-makers and opinion-formers, Montrose offers bespoke analysis and advice about countries and sectors, projects and transactions, which is rooted in up-to-the-minute, accurate, properly assessed intelligence.

The information and insights we provide can be vital to companies both before they commit to action, and also in helping them to develop and achieve their objectives. Through the Montrose telescope’, senior executives have a competitive edge in judging the environments in which they operate, the governments with which they deal, or the partners with whom they should or should not collaborate.

We also bring our own perspective to questions of corporate reputation, offering a 360-degree external assessment to highlight unsuspected liabilities and vulnerabilities which Chairmen and Chief Executives prefer to hear about from a sympathetic ally than through a hostile press or a ruthless competitor. Our journalistic expertise allows us to work alongside media advisers to develop the best response.

Montrose advises business leaders about opportunities to be proactive in other areas where we can make a difference, drawing on our experience and longstanding relationships in government, journalism and business. With the wealth of experience and expertise on our Advisory Board, we often play the role of honest broker’ in sensitive business situations.

The range of our assignments is therefore broad. The following examples represent just three types of projects that Montrose has handled.

Beyond due-diligence/reputational risk

A British company is negotiating a joint venture in the Far East. A conventional due diligence exercise has not given the full story of a big family conglomerate and its broader financial and political affairs, and the possible implications for them. Montrose provides a full picture of the group in question, drawing on extensive local expertise, highlighting both the advantages and the reputational issues involved in the proposed association. Montrose offers two alternative approaches, providing introductions through its local associates as required.

M&A support

A European operator bidding for a Central American business is concerned that although its bid is the highest and it is expected to win, there are political factors that will deny it victory. Montrose sets out the full story of the machinations against the local business which have turned the local government and regulatory authorities against it. Working with local players, Montrose helps the European institution to adjust its public profile, address the criticisms, and present a strategy of corporate social leadership that reassures stakeholders as well as shareholders in the Central American capital.

Political/security analysis

An international company engaged in an oil project in part of the former Soviet Union is less sighted than it would wish on the relationships between the political leadership, private sector operators and criminal groups in a particular region. Montrose provides a confidential analysis of the links that exist, both locally and nationally. The very sensitive questions arising can be addressed best through a strategy of direct dialogue with certain of the key players, based on up-to-the-minute intelligence. Montrose, working with the Chairman’s office and other senior management figures, provides a roadmap for the most effective solution.